Our Culture

We are fiercely protective of our unique culture. JLT is over a 10,000 colleagues strong global company with the mindset of a lean, entrepreneurial business. We attract and retain the best people by valuing and celebrating our diverse strengths - we reject the impersonal, big company mentality that stifles entrepreneurial spirit, commodities relationships, dumbs down expertise, loses touch with the client and lets innovation die.

JLT's culture ensures our people are free to focus on the best interests of our clients, bringing all of their expertise and their integrity to bear - gaining real understanding of each client's specific needs, engaging creatively with their challenges and experiencing their clients' successes as their own. It also ensures that we balance the interests of our four stakeholders - our clients, our people, our trading partners and our shareholders - in all our day-to-day activities and decisions.

As we grow, we take care to ensure that our culture remains clear and robust. As a result, we believe that today our culture is stronger, more celebrated and more part of the fabric of JLT than ever before.