JLT International Network

The JLT International Network offers our multi-national clients insurance risk management and employee benefit solutions in over 135 countries, making it one of the largest such insurance broking networks in the world.

The Network is comprised of majority owned, associate and non-owned partner operations and also provides a distribution channel for JLT's Specialty, wholesale, reinsurance and employee benefits activities. 

All brokers in the Network are selected for their specialist knowledge, local market reputation and quality of service. We therefore expect them to have the capability not only to service JLT's multinational clients, but to compete for and win the largest accounts in their own territories in collaboration with JLT's Specialty, wholesale and reinsurance teams. 

Service standards have been codified through a set of clear operating procedures that have been designed to ensure that each client, regardless of their size, consistently receives the highest level of care and attention in the delivery of risk management, insurance broking, and advisory services. Each member of the network is also required to adhere to JLT's Code of Ethical Conduct. 

A further area of differentiation is the capabilities of the Global Service Team, a multilingual group that is able to provide clients with a single point of contact who can regulate their global programme and help resolve and issues on adaily basis. This central JLT function acts as the focal point for JLT's international account coordination and is used as a centre of excellence, providing information and insight on compliance of global insurance programmes, regulation and market practices to clients and colleagues globally. 

Overall responsibility for the Network sits with the JLT International Network Management team, whose role is to ensure common service standards by sharing expertise and best practices across the Network, whilst offering a clear channel through which to escalate and resolve issues with speed and efficiency.

This information is an extract from our Annual Report and Accounts - to read more, please click here.

The JLT International Network includes brokers whom the JLT Group has no ownership interest. These brokers are therefore neither subsidiaries nor associate companies of the JLT Group. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these independent brokers take sole responsibility for the services they provide through the JLT International Network.